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Welcome to the official Elliot Minor forum. ALEX AND ED HAVE BEGUN A NEW ADVENTURE WITH THE FEVER THE FOCUS. Go check them out! <3 Talk about anything you'd like, share artwork, musical opinions, promotional ideas and stories, photos from live shows that you've been to, fan-fictions and anything else that you can think of Very Happy
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PostSubject: CherNObyl   CherNObyl Icon_minitimeSun Jun 22, 2008 5:38 am

This is another fic that I decided to start writing. It's for all the victims of Chernobyl
Here we go.

Author: Me (Dannii)
Rating: M- mature readers only.
Summary: Anya Chornovyl is a 37 year old woman living in Moscow with her Uncle, Auntie and her 23 year old Cousin. They are all victims of the incident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant 21 years ago, all displaced by what happened. Both of Anya's parents are dead. Her father was killed by Radiation poisoning, her mother died of a broken heart after losing everything. Anya's sister, Natasha, who is 39, is living with lukemia and is in hospital. Anya tells us how her life was turned upside down by the worst Nuclear incident in the history of the world....
Disclaimer: I do not own Chernobyl. I do not own Pripyat. I do not own Annatoly Dyatlov. I own only my characters. I will not mention Anya's Auntie or Uncles real names until I get permission from the man who I am basing her Uncle on. That may take a while because he lives in Moscow.

The fic will start soon!
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PostSubject: Re: CherNObyl   CherNObyl Icon_minitimeWed Jun 25, 2008 9:47 am

cool sound like it will be good
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