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Welcome to the official Elliot Minor forum. ALEX AND ED HAVE BEGUN A NEW ADVENTURE WITH THE FEVER THE FOCUS. Go check them out! <3 Talk about anything you'd like, share artwork, musical opinions, promotional ideas and stories, photos from live shows that you've been to, fan-fictions and anything else that you can think of Very Happy
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 Elliot Minor Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Elliot Minor Forum Rules   Elliot Minor Forum Rules Icon_minitimeMon Mar 17, 2008 9:05 am

Elliot Minor Forum Rules & Regulations

Behaviour on the forum

Be courteous or kindly leave

donít talk about the bands private lives on here, including
girlfriends, family, close friends etc. Unless you have a valuable
source from the members stating that you can discuss such a topic and
you can prove you have this source i.e posting a link to it

take things too far. Threads can and will be locked if we either feel
that the posts are going off topic or an argument of some description
is developing.

flame or insult other members of the forum. We want this to be a happy
peaceful place. No discrimination against religious beliefs, sexuality

We can/will remove insulting posts without warning

Treat other like you wish to be treated.

be careful in writing your messages, use emoticons to express your
opinion, some people may take what you say offensively resulting in the
thread being locked


stick to English, if not then PM each other or get each otherís msn
address. What canít be understood will first be asked to be translated
via pm, and if the author does not comply then the post will be deleted.

please stick to proper English itís very annoying for the person
reading wHeN sOmEoNe Is TyPiNg LiKe ThIs, so please write properly. And
kindly refrain from using msn/text talk. If you do find a user using
text talk kindly tell them itís not allowed and refer them to here, if
they continue please contact a mod.


post random off-topic posts, this is a discussion place for Elliot
Minor itís not to see who can get the most posts in a week.

donít post more than three times, anymore posts than this and they will
be deleted. If you find youíve double posted by accident then edit one
of your posts.

you wish to post pictures please make sure they arenít a ridiculous
size, if you feel they are too big for the page then just post the link
up. Use your common sense.

Threads should state specifically what they are about.

not post any material which is false or inaccurate. Please give the
source from which you get your information. This gives the info

not post any personal information. Better safe than sorry. Any
information such as your address or phone number will be deleted if

of illegal activities such as music piracy and other intellectual
property violations are not allowed. Buy the originals, donít download.

Check if a topic already exists before you open a new one. This goes for ALL forums. The search button is your friend. Use it.

User I.Dís

accounts in order to spam this site is NOT allowed. There have been
cases of this on the McFly forums and we donít want it happening here.
Any such posts will be locked/deleted and the user banned without

Each member is allowed one I.D, if a user is found to have more than one they will be removed.

Forum Graphicís

maximum size of avatars is 150x200 pixels. Donít use really large
signatures, this is a discussion forum not an art forum. Keep them as
small as possible. You can put only one picture in your
signature. Work with us on this; we want to keep this forum up and
running. Incorrect avatars and signatures will be removed and the user
sent a PM.


Newbie- 0

Bronze- 50

Silver- 100

Gold- 150

Platinum- 200

Diamond- 250

we get more user the post counts for the ranks will increase, so if you
are diamond rank and suddenly youíre silver itís just because weíve
changed the ranks. 250 posts for diamond rank when we have 500-1000
users is pretty rubbish.

O.K thatís all please take all of these rules into account before posting topics, and remember HAVE FUN!!
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Elliot Minor Forum Rules
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