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 Still Figuring Out - January 28th!

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Still Figuring Out - January 28th! Empty
PostSubject: Still Figuring Out - January 28th!   Still Figuring Out - January 28th! Icon_minitimeMon Jan 21, 2008 12:02 pm

As I'm sure all of you are aware, Still Figuring Out is on sale in shops and most likely, available to download also, as from next Monday (28th Jan).

To help the guys reach as high in the charts as possible, I ask each of you to do some major last minute promoting, for as long as possible, even after the release. Get out there and put hand made/printed fliers in as many places as possible. Some suggested places to put them:-

Through peoples letter boxes,
Under car window-wipers in shopping centre car parks or out in the streets,
In phone boxes,
On park benches,
On lamp-posts,
In bus-stops,
On bus seats,
Hand them out to people,
Leave a few lying around at school/college/university/work,

Even stick one to your back and walk around all day with it on, get your friends to join in!

You could even tape balloons somewhere with info written on them in permanant marker! Be as creative as you like!

When it comes to actually buying the singles, do NOT go out and buy a whole load of format versions at once. This will only count as ONE INDIVIDUAL sale. To make the most of it, pick up ONE copy, buy that, then go back, pick up another copy, buy that, and so on so forth. This will count as loads of individual sales, helping ensure the guys get a higher chart positon, but ONLY if we get out there promoting in whatever ways possible, and buy as many cd's seperately as possible!! Buy them and send them to friends in other countries if you'd like!

We CAN do this if we all try!! Please spread the word in whatever ways possible, even by word of mouth! I KNOW we can do this if we all work together!

Best of luck to the guys, the release date grows nearer by the day!



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Still Figuring Out - January 28th!
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