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**************************************************Check out Alex and Ed's new music, THE FEVER THE FOCUS

Welcome to the official Elliot Minor forum. ALEX AND ED HAVE BEGUN A NEW ADVENTURE WITH THE FEVER THE FOCUS. Go check them out! <3 Talk about anything you'd like, share artwork, musical opinions, promotional ideas and stories, photos from live shows that you've been to, fan-fictions and anything else that you can think of Very Happy
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 Wanting YOUR say on the forum! + Solaris, signings, Album +

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Wanting YOUR say on the forum! + Solaris, signings, Album + Empty
PostSubject: Wanting YOUR say on the forum! + Solaris, signings, Album +   Wanting YOUR say on the forum! + Solaris, signings, Album + Icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2009 2:50 pm


Hey guys, welcome to all the newer members and I hope everyone who's
seen the lads already on this tour had a good time, and everyone still
to see them will, I'm sure, love the new tunes - I Believe (a favourite
of Alex's father), Courtroom and Electric High.

Anyway, I'd love
to get some feedback on the forum, you can reply to this email which
should send it back to me, or post in the thread I'm about to put on
the forum in a special feedback section if I can set it up (if not you
can reply to this message in the newsletters section of the forum).

I want to know what people like and don't like about this 2 and a half
year old forum, from the colours, images, styles, layout or anything
you can think of...

I'm starting to ask myself if there's much
point on having these special little groups people can join up to to
discuss promo, unless I can sort them out into places where we have our
street team leaders and can get regular updates from them about
promotion to post up... What do people think on this matter?

anyone experiencing any trouble with anything at all on the forum? (mac
users will need to download firefox or another web browser other than
safari to post on here as a few mac users have already found out).

is to be released on 10th August 2009 accompanied by a number of single
signings, followed by the release of a second single and the second
album. ALSO, there will be a big tour towards the end of the year, so
any of you guys missing out on this tour, don't worry, it'll not be too
long until you'll get to see the guys perform Smile

Feel free to contact me about anything at all and take care!


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They're just guys doing their job.
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Wanting YOUR say on the forum! + Solaris, signings, Album +
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