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**************************************************Check out Alex and Ed's new music, THE FEVER THE FOCUS

Welcome to the official Elliot Minor forum. ALEX AND ED HAVE BEGUN A NEW ADVENTURE WITH THE FEVER THE FOCUS. Go check them out! <3 Talk about anything you'd like, share artwork, musical opinions, promotional ideas and stories, photos from live shows that you've been to, fan-fictions and anything else that you can think of Very Happy
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 Elliot Minor Promo - Myspace Page

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PostSubject: Elliot Minor Promo - Myspace Page   Fri Aug 01, 2008 7:58 am

Hey there! Just to let you guys know I'm kicking the promo page on myspace back into action after I finally remembered my login for it :')


Feel free to add it to your friends and get as many other EM fans to add it if possible. I'll be posting up about promotion and so in the blogs on there, but there's some info on the main page with some promo suggestions atm...

The banner at the top of that myspace page does indeed take you to buy tickets Smile click it and try it Very Happy

I need some suggestions as to how to improve that page though, and I should be updating this forum somehow a fair amount more too Smile

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Elliot Minor Promo - Myspace Page
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